NetSupport lab setup test with an iPad

I used the KACE K1000 to push out customized NetSupport installs & configuration files to isolate the classroom from other labs in the building. Using the NetSupport software, we were able to manage and watch machines from the iPad, allowing the teacher to roam the room or building while watching the students.





Minecraft contest for our K-12 District

I work for the same school district that I graduated from, and always wished that gaming would be incorporated into school somehow. Now that I’m in a position to do something about it and help current students, I decided to host a Minecraft building contest for their Winter Break. We’ve had over 300 students register for the contest, and I’ve setup a server to accommodate all of the users.

Each student is given a 51×51 plot where they can build whatever they want. They can’t build outside of their plot, nor destroy or “grief” any other creation. We have dozens of prizes from a bunch of sponsors, and the contest is going great so far. Finalists will have to do a short “write up” of what they built or why the built it, so judges can determine prizes for certain winners.

More information for the event @ http://minecraft.cusd200.org

We hope to do more events and contests similar to this in the future!



vPro – the best thing since sliced bread

I’ve finally had time to start testing vPro out on our Optiplex 990 desktops with Intel AMT 7. It essentially allows us to connect and remotely manage a machine that is powered off, blue screened, even completely missing a hard drive or having other issues. It also allows you to remotely mount an ISO and boot to it, allowing you to install a copy of Windows or other OS (even boot to our Kace K2000 to image the machine). There are still some other cool things you can do with this, but I’m still learning it. A great tool for techs out there that do a lot of remote management.