Palo Alto Firewalls – Automate Offsite Log Backup

Our organization has over 15,000 users, so our Palo Alto Firewall logs add up fast. On an average day, we may have about 8GB worth of traffic & URL logs. Therefore, the firewall doesn’t keep them for very long, and I wanted to come up with a simple solution to archive logs in the event that we need to lookup something.




Summer Deployment

It’s that time again! Getting ready to deploy about 1,500 desktops and 1,000 laptops out to the schools for our Summer refresh. I’ve created a custom scripted image via KACE, so it the most tedious part should be the physical setup of every machine.




Minecraft contest for our K-12 District

I work for the same school district that I graduated from, and always wished that gaming would be incorporated into school somehow. Now that I’m in a position to do something about it and help current students, I decided to host a Minecraft building contest for their Winter Break. We’ve had over 300 students register for the contest, and I’ve setup a server to accommodate all of the users.

Each student is given a 51×51 plot where they can build whatever they want. They can’t build outside of their plot, nor destroy or “grief” any other creation. We have dozens of prizes from a bunch of sponsors, and the contest is going great so far. Finalists will have to do a short “write up” of what they built or why the built it, so judges can determine prizes for certain winners.

More information for the event @

We hope to do more events and contests similar to this in the future!