Uploading VEEAM Backups to Google Drive

We always copied our weekly full VEEAM backups to tape, then drove them across town to another building, so that in the event of a geographic emergency (tornado), we could recover. Tapes kept piling up, so I wanted to find a new way to store this data. We’re a Google Drive shop, which comes with unlimited storage – so I figured why not use that?



Kitchen Dashboard

My wife has always used a paper calendar, but once we had our baby, I told her that we needed to share a digital calendar so we could coordinate daycare, activities, etc. She wanted something mounted on the wall in the kitchen, so I originally mounted a 10″ Android tablet – which worked fine, other than it being too small to read anything unless you were right on top of it.




Windows ELK Stack & Palo Alto Firewall

I’ve seen a few tutorials around the web showing how to setup an ELK stack setup for Palo Alto Firewalls. I’m not a Linux guru, and our whole environment at work is primary Windows servers, so I wanted to stick with what I know – but haven’t found any tutorials on how to setup an ELK stack on a Windows box. I’ll post a brief setup of how I accomplished this below.



Using Rainmeter to show travel times via Google Maps DistanceMatrix API

I’m going to eventually make a ‘smart mirror’, but in the mean time have been thinking of useful information I could display on it. I was trying to figure out how to have it display transit times to both my work and my wife’s work via Google Maps API, and figure traffic into the calculations. I wanted to use RainMeter to show this data, as it’s better looking than some RPi solutions that others have come up with.



4 Player Pedestal DIY Arcade

I’ve owned a few bartop arcades, but they were all CNC kits and I wanted to build a 4 player arcade myself. I liked the idea of a pedestal arcade, so I could mount a big TV on the wall in front of it, and adjust the distance, size of the TV, etc. I think a nice 50″ would look great in front of the pedestal – especially on new games such as MK:X and some modern games available through Steam. I’m not great with wood working, but I’m learning – so I’m going to document my progress through the whole thing (sorry for the poor lighting – I did this in January in the Chicago area, so it was too cold outside, and didn’t want to tie up my garage for a couple weeks). I’m following some pictures and directions another person posted in this thread:





Summer Deployment

It’s that time again! Getting ready to deploy about 1,500 desktops and 1,000 laptops out to the schools for our Summer refresh. I’ve created a custom scripted image via KACE, so it the most tedious part should be the physical setup of every machine.