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Diving into home automation can be daunting, especially with so many different hubs and protocols out there. WIFI devices are becoming increasingly popular, due to the simplicity of it, but they often rely on manufacturer servers, or the cloud to integrate. I wanted something setup that runs 100% internally within my own network – Home Assistant is an open source project that does just that.


I’m currently running a docker version of Hass.IO on top of Ubuntu Server 16.04 on an Intel NUC. I started off with a RPi3, but the reboot times were insanely long and I’ve heard stories of it bogging down after adding lots of hardware.

Node-Red is available as an add-on to Home Assistant, which allows users to create flows to automate certain processes. I’ve just created some basic flows for right now, since I’m still in the process of slowly adding z-wave and zigbee devices throughout my house. The main automations I wanted to setup first, would alert us via push notification and over all of our google minis if there is any water detected in the basement, or if the basement door is left unlocked (placed a door/window sensor on a hinge lock), so we know if our son may be able to open the door and fall down the stairs.

I’ve also created a “guest mode” boolean that stops notifications if enabled.

ha2 ha3

The code for guest mode/silencing notifications (add to configuration.yaml):

    name: Guest Mode

The guest mode switch being enabled would halt the process before the notification is sent.

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