IP Camera casting to Chromecast via FFMPEG

IP Camera casting to Chromecast via FFMPEG

I have a PoE IP camera mounted above our baby’s crib that we can remotely watch via our phones/tablets/laptops, but I wanted the ability to Chromecast the stream to any TV in the house easily. However, I couldn’t find any easy way to do this.  I use Hikvision cameras, and have this one mounted above the crib so we can hear audio from the baby’s room if he’s crying. I have a main server that runs 24/7 that I always have BlueIris software running on it, but it’s unable to really help me with the Chromecast problem. The problem is that the stream is RTSP, and Chromecast doesn’t like RTSP streams at all. So I’m using FFMPEG to convert the stream to HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), and then using an iOS app to cast it to my TV.

ffmpeg -rtsp_transport tcp -i rtsp://admin:1234@ -acodec copy -vcodec copy -hls_wrap 40 -flags -global_header E:\chromecast\test.m3u8


  • I have it export the m3u8 file to E:\chromcast
  • You can now open the m3u8 file and have it work. However, if you want to cast it via Chromecast, you may need a webserver to host the files.
  • For a simple webserver, you can use mini web server , xampp, IIS, etc.
  • Now you can browse to and cast the m3u8 file via your iOS/Android app. There are various apps out there that will cast HTTP video streams.
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  1. Virtual Private Server
    733 days ago

    Most surveillance system owners want a convenient way to view the live video from their security cameras on a TV. Apple TV and Google Chromecast provide an convenient wireless alternative to hard wiring a spot monitor output from a DVR.

  2. Michael Brougham
    616 days ago

    I found your post while researching and thought this might be of interest to you.

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