About Me

I’m an experienced I.T. Professional with a background in networking and systems administration. I currently manage Community Unit School District 200’s network, which spans over 21 locations. I also second as a sysadmin, supporting over 6,000 end user devices and over 100 servers. I have extensive experience with Dell KACE 1000 & 2000, as well as Microsoft SCCM. I can also help with small side projects, such as small office network setup, website development, home automation, etc. Please contact me to discuss any projects.

I'm a husband and father of two who enjoys computers & electronics in my free time, as well as online gaming with friends when I find time. I also enjoy doing projects around the house, and learning how to woodwork.



Creating a strong, reliable network using affordable enterprise products.


Basic websites for small businesses or resumes.


Automation of lights, outlets, appliances, etc.

Security Systems

Installation & Configuration of camera PoE systems.

Windows Administration

Windows server, domain, Active Directory administration.

PLEX Setup

PLEX server setup with storage, CUDA transcoding and automation.

100% Complete

I understand that customer satisfaction is of the highest importance when dealing with anything in IT. Customers have high expectations when it comes to their personal data, property, and feeling comfortable around the tech they are using.

90% Complete

I've been sitting in front of a computer since 1992 and can learn new concepts without much effort.

70% Complete

While I don't major in graphic design, I'm capable of doing basic to mnoderately advanced editing for small projects, photo touchups, and websites.

85% Complete

I have 5+ years of KACE K1000 experience. I've used the K1000 to manage over 10,000 devices, including application deployment and patch scheduling.

85% Complete

I've used the K2000 to create sysprepped deployments for thousands of machines every year.

80% Complete

I've migrated most content from Dell KACE to SCCM, due to our licensing with Microsoft. I manage over 8,000 devices with SCCM currently.